BIBCO Interim Report 2009

BIBCO Standard Record Requirements has recently issued their Interim Report of the Task Group on BIBCO Standard Record Requirements dated March 20, 2009.

If you’re interested in cataloging monographs, this is information you’ll be interested in.

According to BIBCO:

In October 1995, PCC-member libraries began participating in this newest program. Many of the participants were former NCCP (National Coordinated Cataloging Program) libraries. BIBCO members are responsible for contributing full or core level bibliographic records. These records are identified as PCC records and notable for their complete authority work (both descriptive and subject), a national level call number (such as LC classification or NLM classification), and at least one subject access point drawn from nationally recognized thesauri such as LCSH, MeSH, etc., as appropriate.

The good news is that anyone can read this interim report and submit comments.

, To forward comments to the Task Group and to facilitation compilation, please follow these guidelines:
1.  Use “BIBCO Standard Record” as the subject line in your email:
2.  Refer to specific sections of the text and to specific tags when commenting (i.e. “Characteristics, point 2”, or “MAP, 546”, or “Guidelines, 246”)
3.  Send your emails to the address designated as the official site for comments: Coop@LOC.GOV by Friday, April 24, 2009.

Task group members and PCC leadership will be observing lists where discussion is anticipated.  The TG looks forward to reading the comments emailed to Coop@LOC.GOV

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