OCLC Expert Community Experiment Update

The stats are in for the month of March.

Glenn E. Patton reports that:

In March, there were 18,910 Expert Community Experiment replaces. There were 1001 institutions that did at least one replace. Individual institution  numbers ranged from 3 institutions doing more than 500 replaces to 242 institutions doing 1 replace each.

Here are the number for the other types of replaces during the same time period:
Database Enrichment: 18,235
Minimal-Level Upgrade: 14,791
Enhance Regular: 15,052
Enhance National: 3,583
CONSER Authentication: 1,929
CONSER Maintenance: 6,183
Just for comparison, OCLC staff replaced 1,086,715 records during the same time period.

It will be interesting to get the reports when the experiment is over. In the meantime, there is still a lot of involvement on part of the community to help enrich records for the benefit of all.