Tim Berners-Lee on Linked Data

Linked data is a hot topic today. However, it is much more than just using hyperlinks in a web document. It is rather data linked throughout the web. Instead of just clicking on a hyperlink to one other link, you click on a link to links. This is possible thanks to relating data together instead of just documents.

See more by watching Tim Berners-Lee on linked data at TED filed Feb. 2009: the next open Web of linked data.


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One response to “Tim Berners-Lee on Linked Data

  1. Linked data is based on four principles:
    1. Use URIs as names for things
    2. Use HTTP URIs so that people can look up those names.
    3. When someone looks up a URI, provide useful information.
    4. Include links to other URIs. so that they can discover more things.

    Read more at http://www.w3.org/DesignIssues/LinkedData.html

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