For many years, I contemplated starting a blog. After many adventures, here I finally am.

My main impetus for this blog came about last week while I was at Code4Lib in Providence, R.I. This was an amazing conference for people who work in libraries. It is primarily directed to those who work with how information is both transferred and coded. I wanted to do more than just outline my experiences for my fellow coworkers and broadcast it to a larger audience. This was a part of the reason for this blog.

The other reason is more practical.  RDA and FRBR are arriving soon at a library near you; if you aren’t familiar with either of these acronyms, don’t worry. I’ll be creating a page soon with some explanation and links. Backing up a step, at Code4Lib my friend Jodi did a presentation on FRBR: way to go Jodi! She asked how her knowledge of FRBR could be translated into a presentation for catalogers. That led me to do some looking around on Google. Three types of information resources resulted from my searches. First, there was a number of sites dedicated to explaining FRBR and RDA. Second, I found several institutions that are offering or will offer workshops on FRBR and RDA. Third, more articles have been published on either RDA, FRBR, or both. The one thing that these resources had in common was that they were separate and disjointed pieces of information about RDA and/or FRBR. Instead of looking all over the web for such resources, it would be helpful to have them brought together as much as possible. Hence, the idea of a page with links about RDA and FRBR came to mind.

It was really these two reasons which prompted me to create this blog called Celeripedean, which means quick footed.

The main purpose of this blog will be an irregular posting of thoughts about librarianship and in particular cataloging. As an extra, it will also try to aggregate together resources on RDA and FRBR.

As I begin this blog, I want to send out a reminder. Yes, blogs tend to be more informal. No, this does not mean that we can get rid of good sense and ethics. This blog is being published in a public forum. Those who participate in this blog are also publishing their words publicly. There are some really good sites on a code of ethics and blogging:

Take for example….

Jonathan Dube’s: A Blogger’s Code of Ethics: http://www.cyberjournalist.net/news/000215.php

Charlene Li’s: Blogging policy examples: http://blogs.forrester.com/groundswell/2004/11/blogging_policy.html


Be honest, be fair, be courteous, remain openminded, promote discussions, say who you are, credit others, and always remember that this is a community of people.

More to come soon….